ACRY Blessing Program

It is the intent of our National ACRY to provide its members continued support and fresh new ideas, and above all, foster the ideals of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The ACRY Blessing was an idea conceived with all three in mind, with the latter being the most important. We wanted to find a way to serve others in a deeper way and have identified a specific target group. Now the group is not new for our organization, but the target within that group is! Children with severe illness and/or disabilities.

In an effort to keep thing simple, we have decided to stay focused, for now, on the children. As time goes on,  the ACRY Blessing could expand to hit all areas of need for our membership. But for now, the children have taken top billing.

Please find the following basics for meeting the criteria needed for the ACRY Blessing.

 1)       Must be between birth and 21 years of age.

2)       Must be a member of one of our Diocesan Churches, for 2 or more years.
          (Receipients and parents do not need to be ACRY Members)

3)       Child must have a severe illness and/or disability.

 If you find yourself in need we want to help. Although the monetary gift may help, it is just a small part of what we are trying to achieve. Your child is a precious gift from God. WE know that you will do whatever it takes for your child. So please reach out! We will never know “WHY” to all the questions we have but we do know that God loves us. WHY else would he give His only Son so that we may be saved!

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For More Information Please Contact  Matthew Peifer, Chairman, The ACRY Blessing Program




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