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The National ACRY (American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Youth) is is the national youth organization of the American Carpatho-Russian Diocese of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It is divided into two separate organizations. The Junior ACRY (for ages 8 to 18) and the Senior ACRY (for ages 18 and older).  Every parish in the diocese is encouraged to have an ACRY Chapter in their parish.  Currently there are 25 active chapters throughout the diocese.

Mission and Vision Statement:

The ACRY is an Orthodox Christian family fellowship dedicated to the purpose of encouraging spiritual growth through charitable and apostolic missionary works, prayer and fellowship for the Glory of God and the building up of the Church and our Diocese.

The ACRY seeks to enable its membership to experience the spiritual joy and fulfillment of participating in the work of Christ on a local, national and global levels through its many charitable outreach and philantropic initiatives.

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