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A Paschal Message From Father Frank

CHRIST IS RISEN! No announcement ever made in the history of the world has been more important. No announcement – no words – are more vital to each of us individually, and to all of us in communion with one another than the promise which these joy-filled words hold out to all mankind. Because Christ is risen, and because victory over death and sin has already been won for us, then we have no one and nothing to fear in this life or in the next. Never again will any Christian have to face an uncertain tomorrow alone, for the Risen Christ has gone before us to prepare a way for us. Regardless of how overwhelming the forces of death, sin and evil which come to us to block our way, we have the divine assurance of victory through the Risen Christ.

CHRIST IS RISEN! The Resurrection tells us that we Christians have a living Lord. He is alive now. He will live and reign forever. He Who loves His creation is with His Father, and we can turn to Him in every need, in every emotion, in every heartache.

CHRIST IS RISEN! The Resurrection makes it perfectly clear that death has been conquered. The empty tomb has extinguished the fears and terrors of death. Death has a new name. Death is now the “falling-asleep” of us and our loved ones.

CHRIST IS RISEN! The Lord’s Resurrection is our assurance that we will have our own resurrection. Everybody who is buried in the earth who has been obedient to God’s commandments shall one day rise again just as Christ did. This is not wishful thinking. This is the truth of the Lord’s word!

Today we are reminded about our promise of life evermore. The Resurrection captures that promise. It solidifies that promise into a Resurrection theology that Christians are expected to live by, a theology for life here and in the hereafter.

Is the Risen Lord living in you? Let Him come and fill your life each day. Only then will you never die.


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