Orthodox Christian Fellowship To Be Established at Hampden-Sydney College

HAMPDEN-SYDNEY VA -- Through the efforts of Christine Ross, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment for Hampden-Sydney College and Adjunct Faculty at Longwood University and Dean Mladen Cvijanovic of Hampden-Sydney College a local OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) Group is being established for the 2010-2011 Academic Year.

Parish priests, parents and prospective students are asked to email Dr. Ross for more information regarding the Hampden-Sydney and Longwood University OCF Group at cross@hsc.edu.  A Facebook group has also been established to provide additional information.

In an article from the Washington Post titled, “What should a properly educated college graduate of the early 21st century know?” A Harvard committee proposed an answer that among other things a graduate should know “the role of religion in contemporary, historical, or future events - - personal, cultural, national, or international.” They further recommended that students be required to take at least one course in the area of reason and faith.

 A well rounded student should grow academically in pursuit of a vocation, and mature in sound socially acceptable morals and ethics to take their rightful place in society.

The OCF of Hampden-Sydney College and Longwood University will help students address these needs and provide them with opportunities to grow in their Orthodox faith and beliefs - to raise questions and seek answers. The programs are unique in they are student lead and are structured to meet student needs. 

The OCF faculty advisors are committed to providing support to both campus student bodies as Orthodox Christians, and assiting with the development of a vibrant OCF for the area that will be self-sustaining and interact with other OCF’s around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Dr. Ross and Dean Cvijanovic are members of a newly forming diocesan mission parish, St. James Mission in Farmville, VA.     View Website    View Facebook Group