Diocesan Parenting Workshop Series

Our Diocese is pleased to announce its next Parenting Workshop in its Series of Parenting Workshops entitled “Raising Believing Children”.  The next Workshop will be hosted online on Saturday, December 5th from 10am-12:30pm and will feature presentations by His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory and Fr. Stephen Loposky.  The schedule will also include time for small group discussions and Questions and Answer sessions.  Our Diocese has sponsored several of these Workshops around the Diocese and each has been a great experience for our parents.  Several Workshops had been scheduled around the Diocese for Fall 2020, but were postponed because of our current circumstances.  This Parenting Workshop will bring together faithful from around the entire Diocese.  The Workshops are designed to help parents learn more about the “craft” of parenting and help them raise their children in the Faith.  The Workshops focus on the ways parents can help their children stay faithful to Christ and His Church in a world that is filled with doubt and most often works against their Faith.  The Workshops are for parents of any age – you’re never too old to be a son or daughter, and likewise you’re never too old to be a parent! 

His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory invites you to join him and other parents from around the Diocese as our Diocese seeks to help parents in their vocation to Raise Believing Children.

Please CLICK HERE to register for the Workshop.  Registration closes on 12/2/20.  The Workshop is free-of-charge.

Download Workshop Flier (PDF)

Download Workshop Schedule (PDF)