Diocesan Day of Prayer - Thursday Dec 10, 2020

JOHNSTOWN, PA [Diocesan Chancery] -- With the blessing of Metropolitan Gregory of Nyssa, the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese will be hosting a Diocesan Day of Prayer on Thursday December 10. This will consist of Molebens for the Nativity Fast being offered continuously each half-hour from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. in 24 Diocesan Parishes with special intentions to comfort and strengthen the world spiritually and physically in this time of the Pandemic.

The schedule is flexible and there are still a few available times on it for any additional Diocesan Parishes who may wish to participate. Please, contact Fr. Matthew fatherstagon@yahoo.com

These will be able to participated in virtually on the diocesan Facebook Page,here on the Diocesan website, or in person in your local parish. The book is available for download here so that participants may follow along. It will be good to pray together as a Diocesan family throughout the day on Thursday.

Those who have an online presence on Facebook can watch on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/acroddiocese

Those who do not may view the services on our Diocesan Website  at  https://www.acrod.org/moleben

Download Moleben Service (PDF)
View Moleben Schedule