Learn Eight Tones (Plain Chant)

Orthodox Christian worship is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of  a system of changeable hymns known as the Octoechos or  eight tones.  These melodies are used in conjunction with hymns related to a particular daily or festal theme or in regards to a specific saint of the Church.  While adding great beauty and meaning to Orthodox worship, in order to be sung properly a certain level of  musical proficiency and training is required. 

As a service to the cantors and faithful of the diocese, instructional recordings of the 8 Tones are being created and posted on this website. At the present time you may listen to and learn all eight  Tropar, Kondak and Theotokion Tones, and selected Vespers Tones. The posted music is from the Sunday (Resurrectional) Office.

To listen to and learn the the eight tones for  Tropars/Kondaks/Theotokia, and  Vespers please select the link below.

Download Hymns

RSSDownload Troparia/Kontakia/Theotokion (Tones 1-8) MP3 Format

RSSDownload Vespers Tones (Tones 5 & 6) MP3 Format

(You may copy the above link and use in a RSS Feed Reader, such as iTunes - You can also download audio files by clicking on link and then right clicking on mp3 file of desired lecture and selecting save link as option)


Listen to Sat Evening Vespers Tones 5 & 6 On-Line

Listen to Resurrectional Troparia/Kontakia/Theotokia On-Line 

 Music Texts

Download Sat Eve. Vespers Tones 1-8, Great Feasts, Great Lent, Pentecostarion

Troparia/Kontakia/Theotokia:  Located in our diocesan pewbook.



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