Submit Videos

We welcome you, your parish priest or youth advisor to submit videos for posting on ACROD Youth Tube.  Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Content -   Video should show youth in action, singing and or serving in Church, doing service projects in your parish or the community, at pilgrimages,  Camp Nazareth, retreats, Jr. ACRY/youth group activities, etc. Videos you produce about some aspect of the Orthodox Faith are also welcome.  Videos showing revealing clothing or anything unbecoming  to an Orthodox Christian will be rejected.

  2. Length -  In general video clips should be no more than two minutes in length, however longer files may be acceptable depending on the subject/nature of the video.

  3. Format - Any format that You Tube will accept.   

  4. Submitting Video for review. 

  • If you have an account on You Tube please upload it to your account and set privacy to unlisted and email us the link at 
  • Or You may  mail your  video on a DVD to: 

    Fr. Peter Paproski
    1194 Broadbridge Avenue 
    Stratford, CT  06615

    If you have any questions, please email us at