A Reflection On College Conference East 2014 - By Andrew Koss

I attended the OCF College Conference East and will most definitely be attending the Conference next year. I did not expect to receive the experience that I did. Being in the presence of only other Orthodox Christians completely changed the atmosphere.

The Conference was well organized and planned. I also thought that there was a perfect balance between services and free time/activities. I enjoyed every part of the Conference, and similar to other Orthodox events, for me the four days went by very quickly. I made lots of friends and connections I never thought I would make. It seemed so easy to connect and talk with people; everyone was very accepting and welcoming.

Furthermore, I would have to say my favorite part was listening to the Byzantine Chant. It was so rich and beautiful, the sound filled up the room. Since I did not know how to sing that type of chant, I enjoyed just listening and taking it all in. This really set a new dynamic to the service for me, it changed the mood completely. The meaning was still there, but I feel it was very sincere and expressive. I think hearing and experiencing this new style of singing really strengthened my love of the Orthodox Faith.

In addition, I felt that the weeping icons from our church of St. George in Taylor, PA, really brought the whole Conference together. The chants, the fellowship, and then the Myrrh-streaming icons; it made the Conference complete. While experiencing the presence and beauty of the icons, I have never felt closer to our Lord. Knowing that these Myrrh-streaming icons are only a short drive away in Taylor is really quite breath-taking.

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