Orthodox On-Line Learning Center


The Diocesan Apostolate for Christian Education in cooperation with the Diocesan Apostolate for Communications and Information Technology has developed an Orthodox On-line Learning Center.  Using the latest technology for distance learning,  on-line classes on a variety of  subjects are being offered.  These classes, as well as live and on-demand video footage of educational lectures and seminars taking place at various venues in the diocese are available for the educational enrichment of  clergy and laity alike.  

In addition, an Orthodox Book Club  which offers guided discussions on a particular Orthodox-themed book in a blog forum, is also available. The books which are discussed may all be purchased at our online diocesan store Orthodox Goods.Com.

Orthodox Book Club

Join us in discussing interesting books on a variety of topics related to the Orthodox Faith.  Each selected book will be moderated by a diocesan priest, who will take you on a guided reading of the selected text.
Enter the Book Club.

On-Line Class Room

Come take a class on-line! We are now offering periodic live broadcasted classes on various aspects of Orthodox Christianity for the educational enrichment of  clergy and laity.  Join  in a class from the comfort of your home.  Listen to and watch archived classes.  Come visit us in the On-Line Class Room!

Lectures and Conferences

View live and archived lectures and conferences  held throughout the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese.



Epistle Reading: 2 Peter 1:10-19

Gospel Reading: Matthew 17:1-9

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