St. Nicholas Mission
Murphy, North Carolina

About The Mission

With the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas, then-Deacon James Blomeley began work on establishing a mission in Murphy, North Carolina, in the spring of 2009.  It seemed an unlikely proposition.  There is not an Orthodox parish within two hours of Murphy in any direction, and there was no readily identifiable base of Orthodox Christians in the area.  Nonetheless, His Eminence allowed work to go forward.  Over a period of several months, a location was rented, preliminary contacts in the community were made, and a press release was published in most of the local newspapers.  Our first Divine Liturgy, celebrated by the newly ordained Fr. James, was held on August 2, 2009, with 18 people from the local area present.  St. Nicholas is now the spiritual home to several Orthodox families, all of whom previously thought they were the only Orthodox in the local area.  On most Sundays services are also attended by people who are curious about Orthodoxy, and wish to find out more about the Orthodox Church.

St. Nicholas mission was formed with the idea of bringing Orthodoxy to an area where the Faith was largely unknown.  That remains our mission, and it is one that we are very excited about.  In addition to Divine Liturgy every Sunday, we have Inquirers classes every Thursday evening, Vespers every Saturday evening, and appropriate services for each major feast.

Mission Needs

St. Nicholas mission has benefitted greatly from the generosity and prayers of a great many people throughout the Diocese.  Still, we do have some needs:

1.       Prayers, and yet more prayers!

2.      A diskos.  We have one measuring six inches across, which is somewhat small for our needs.  A slightly larger one, perhaps eight inches in diameter, would be very helpful.  

3.      A Gospel stand.

4.      A reader's stand.

5.      Litya tray

6.      Holy water sprinkler

7.      Dalmatics for altar boys

8.      Chalice and diskos covers, and altar clothes in all colors except gold.

9.      Festal icons of all kinds.  In addition, we want as many icons as possible in our worship area.  While we have a number of icons of Our Lord and of the Theotokos, icons of individual saints or groups of saints would be very welcome.  Ideally, we will end up with groupings of saints that reflect the origins of all of our members:  Carpatho-Russian, Greek, Serbian, Russian and, of course, Saints of North America.

Contact Information

For more information about St. Nicholas Orthodox Mission, you can reach Fr. James at 828-361-1464, by e-mail at, or by mail at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, 3711 US 64 E Alternate, Unit 6, Murphy, NC  28906.  Our website will always have an up to date schedule of services at