GROW 2020

"Keep on working, keep on serving, keep on doing what the Lord wants you to do. Once you have put your hand to the plow and sown the good seed, don't look back. Don't dig up the ground a second time. Rather let what you have planted grow. Don't let it go."
-Bishop John R. Martin addressing the XII Diocesan Sobor Attendees, 1979, Sharon, PA

GROW 2020 is an ongoing project of the National Jr. ACRY organization. GROW stands for God Receives Our Work. It has a variety of goals including not only to get more people in the Jr. ACRY and church, but to educate these people about their faith; that as a group, we will GROW not only in numbers, but each of us grow producing a stronger group. GROW was started at the 17th Annual National Jr. ACRY Convention hosted by chapter #4 New York City (10th Street) in 2000. The idea was brought up at the National Jr. ACRY Board Meeting on Friday. It was then discussed at the business sessions and approved on Sunday afternoon.  GROW was established so we could focus on the goals of our organization for the coming years.

 How can you participate or Help G.R.O.W. 2020?

  •  Get active in your church. - Attend Sunday school and educate yourself about your faith by reading the Bible. Attend the Divine Liturgy and receive Holy Communion, and when you go to church......PARTICIPATE!!!
  • Get active in your Jr. ACRY-  Get involved with the Jr. ACRY, join your chapter and if you don’t have one at your church, start one. Get together with the youth or your church and neighboring parishes that aren't in the Jr. ACRY and encourage them to join. Invite other kids from your church to get involved with the Jr. ACRY locally and nationally.
  • Get active throughout the diocese. - Attend Deanery Missions and events. Go to our diocesan camp, Camp Nazareth.  Attend National Jr. ACRY Conventions, Bowling Tournaments, Encounters and Retreats when possible. Encourage your friends throughout the diocese to get active in their churches and join Jr. ACRY chapters.