December 1st
To Corresponding Secretary:
-Correspondance Form
**To Financial Secretary:
-Member dues of $10.00 per person
-Membership Form
-Officer’s Form
-Jr. Standing Form
-*Charter/Reactvation Fee of $5

May 25th
To President:
-Camp Essay Contest Entries

June 1st
To President:
-All Proposals Forms

July 15th
To Financial Secretary:
-Fund Drive Donation (at least $75)
To President:
-Jr. of the Year Applications
-Jr. Advisor of the Year Applications
-Jr. Chapter Achievement Award Applications
To Past President:
-Bishop John Memorial Scholarship Application 

August 1st
To President:
-Delegate Forms for the Convention

*Applies to new or reactivating chapters
**Means this deadline MUST be met in order for your chapter to be considered to be in good standing. If these deadlines are not met then your chapter will be penalized by not having full privileges at the National Events as stated In the Jr. Standing Form.