Happy Birthday Metropolitan Nicholas!





Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.
Oh, give thanks to the God of gods! For His mercy endures forever.
Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords!For His mercy endures forever:
To Him who alone does great wonders, For His mercy endures forever.
(Psalm 136:1-4)

Your Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas, With Gratitude to Almighty God For Your Worthy Ministry as The Chief Shepherd of Our Diocese and Our Father in Christ,  We Offer Our Prayerful Best-Wishes and Greetings as You Celebrate Your Seventy- Fifth Birthday.

Mnohaja I Blahaja Lita Vladiko!  -  May God Grant You Many Blessed Years!

Your Eminence, as you celebrate your 75th birthday, I send you this short greeting as one of my consecrators to the Holy Episcopacy.
Earlier today, I served a Moleben and following the service I spent some time reflecting upon your life path…
Throughout the centuries, the Church has always taught that we are all called to holiness in and through the circumstances of our life and vocation. From my short experience as a bishop of the Church I have learned that for a bishop, a vital part of his own spiritual growth and deepening relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ requires a spirit of cooperation, respect, and even genuine love for our brother and sisters in the Lord. 
From my conversations with you I have learned that in order to serve as a good shepherd, we must be united with each other in a true bond of communion, a bond renewed and strengthened as we stand together at the Lord’s Altar and humbly give our lives for the well-being of the whole body of the Church. No one of us on our own can single-handedly accomplish Christ's mission in a satisfactory way, but together, we can manifest and fulfill the prayer of Christ that all might be one so that the world might believe in Christ.
As you celebrate your birthday, I join you in this celebration with prayers of thanksgiving on my lips for you ministry in our Lord’s Holy Vineyard. God grant you Many Blessed Years!
By the Grace of God bishop of the Western Eparchy
of  the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

Εiς Πολλa Eτι Δeσποτα and many happy returns to my friend, brother Bishop, and Concelebrant on your 75th birthday.

In Christ,

+Melchisedek of Pittsburgh

Your Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas,

Our best wishes to you as you celebrate your 75th birthday.  May the abundant blessings of the Lord continue to abide in you.

With brotherly love in Christ,

+Isaiah of Denver

Your Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas,

As your former classmate and seminary roommate, I am humbly honored to send you my congratulations as you join our select group of those reaching the 75 year milestone.

I pray  that God will continue to grant you, our Spiritual Father and Shepherd of our God saved Diocese, many years of Spiritual Joy, Health and Happiness.

Reverencing your right hand. Master Bless. Eis polla eti Despota!

Your humble son in Christ,

Fr. Ronald Hazuda

Vladyka Nicholas:
May God grant you, to us, for many years, Most Holy Master.

May God bless you for your generous answer to His call to serve His People as priest and bishop.
Happy Birthday and Many Years.
Robert E. "Bob" Olson
Member of Altoona-Johnstown Catholic Diocese

Metropolitan Nicholas,

We would like want to wish you a happy birthday and  hope all is well.

The Stack / Salony families

 Dear Metropolitan Nicholas

I wish you a Happy Birthday and many many more. I hope and pray for your good health and can't wait to see your return to 10th street

Paul Sikoryak 

Happy Birthday Your Eminence!

May God Bless you with many years, much happiness and good health!

Mnohaya i Blahaya Lita!

Paul and Helen Ewasko
[Parishioners of St. Vladimir Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Scranton PA]

 Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

Happy birthday! Warmest wishes for many happy, blessed years!

Anna May Derevjanik (Michael and Helen's daughter)  

Metropolitan Nicholas, 

I greet you with gratitude for your strength and compassion: Eis Polla Eti Despota!!

Mary Lanser 

Metropolitan Nicholas,

May God grant you many many more years. 

With love from Helen and Diane Rowland (Stratford and Potomac)

Your Eminence,
Best wishes on your 75th birthday and many more to come.
God bless you.

Leah Ferko
Holy Ghost Church
Manville, NJ

Glory be to Jesus Christ!  Glory be Forever!

Metropolitan Nicholas,

We want to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope that the coming year brings you Happiness, Health, and Prosperity.

May God be with you always!

Galina and Harry

Your Blessing Metropolitan Nicholas, and
God Grant You Many Years!

Thank you for your years of faithful service, and for your prayers.

Yours in Jesus Christ, Christ is Among Us,  Fr. Thomas and Pani Carolyn Klein,
and your faithful parishioners in Wood, Mt. Union, and Huntingdon.

Again, thank you, and God grant you many more productive years!

Your Eminence--Please accept the best wishes of my wife Katy and myself on the occasion of your birthday. I hope to be with you at your birthday celebration in Johnstown

Orestes J. Mihaly

Your Eminence,

Compared to me (who just turned 85!)  you are still very young!

I wish you much happiness and God's blessings on your birthday. 

Mnohaja Lita!

Paraskeva (Pearl)  Nucifora
St Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church,
Bridgeport, CT

Your Eminence,
Master, bless!
In the short year that I have been fortunate enough to serve under the protection of your omophorion, I have grown to understand how blessed we are to have you as our shepherd.  Your generous and welcoming spirit, patience and pastoral concern have been sources of comfort and strength to the people of Holy Cross Mission, as well as an example for me.
Happy Birthday!  May the Lord continue to grace our Diocese with your leadership for many blessed years!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Kevin Greenwood
Columbus, Ohio

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Mnohaja I Blahaja Lita Vladiko!  -  May God Grant You Many Blessed Years!

Dawn, Paul and Elizabeth Krzyzanowski

Dorohyj Vladyko:

Ku Vašomu hnešnomu krasnomu švatu Vašych narodeniny - 75ku, želám til'ko zdravia; žeby ste žyli cholem do 101 rokyv! 

Želam Vam, žeby  nad Vašom holovom furt švitilo lem slonko radosti, spokojnosti i veselosti. Žeby všytky tmavy chmary, kotry Vam st'ažyjut žyvot, sil'nyj vjitor odfukoval, a žeby na Vašym nebi plavali lem krásny maly bjily oblaciky, što Vam raz za cas prinesut chvíl'ku oddychu i relaxu.

Naj Vam robjat radost' všytky z Vašoj šyrokoj rodiny, naj Vas majut tak rady, jak Vy jich. Dumam na Vas, mam Vas rady i d'akyju Pánu Bohu za tot dar že Vas poznam.

Mnohaja i blahaja l'ita želat Vam,

Štefanka (Salony)

Blahoslovi Vladyko!
Your Eminence:
On this, the occasion of your 75th Birthday, the Hubiak family ( Dn Robert-Alexander, Sally & Nikolai )  congratulates you and wishes you all the best!  In the 16 years that I have known you, you have been a pillar of piety and spirituality that I am grateful for.  Whether I served you on the Board of Trustees, or as a Deacon for the last eight years, I have always taken inspiration from you.  I have enjoyed serving you all these years and look forward to continued faithful service to you for many years to come.  Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ has blessed this Diocese with your leadership.  Sally, Nikolai & I continue to pray every morning and night that Our Lord will heal you and grant you a full and rapid recovery.  While we are unable to be with you on this wonderful occasion, we will be with you in prayer and spirit.  May Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ Bless you and be with you through His Grace and Love for mankind, always now and ever and forever!  Happy Birthday!
Your Obedient Servants;
Dn Robert-Alexander, Sally and Nikolai Hubiak

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Happy Birthday!  May you have many more blessed years.

Will and Danielle (Stack) Hofmann

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,
Happy 75th Birthday!!

We pray that your day is as special as you are. May GOD watch over you and bring you much health and happiness. Your 10th St. family looks forward to your next visit.
Mnohaja Lita!
Helenka, Paul, Lauren & Mike Tymus

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

We wish you a happy and joyous 75th birthday and may God bestow special blessings upon you this upcoming year.

Love, Barbara (Hutnyan), Fred and Matthew Muhlenberg
Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, Potomac, MD 

Glory to God for all things!
Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,
I want to wish you a happy 75th birthday, filled with love and peace.  May the Lord give you many years!  I hope I will see you again on a pastoral visit to our parish, Christ the Saviour Sobor in Ottawa.  With all my love, in Christ,
Marc Deneau

Your Eminence,

We wish you a healthy and  Blessed 75th Birthday. 

We think of you often.  Looking forward to seeing you soon at 10th Street.

Mnohaja I Blahaja Lita Vladiko!  -  May God Grant You Many Blessed Years!

Paul and Pat Sikoryak
Anna P. Benyo

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

I would like to send you heartfelt greetings on your 75th birthday.

My hometown parish is in McKeesport. Although I cannot expect you to remember me, we have met many times when I brought my granddaughter to Camp Nazareth from Georgia and those occasions when you were here in Atlanta to visit us and for Fr. James' Ordination. I lead the choir on that day. I also met you several times in Fr. Luke's church in CT when I lived there.

A very touching moment for me was during the Ordination when I heard you praying for clergy and others specifically and to hear you add choir directors to your prayer. I felt that it was very special for you to be so kind and loving remembering all directors. Thank you for your prayers.

We all pray for you and will continue to remember you before the Lord.

May our merciful God and Savior bless you and grant you many more years in health and salvation.

With love, In Christ,
Kathy Reymers-Kilpatrick

Ku narodeninám ša mnoho želat,  VŠitko dobre i dobroho vel’a.
My Vám lem tymi slovkami želáme, Kotrymi Vám málo, ale može mnoho dáme…
ŠT’ASTIE, ZDRAVIE i LASKU – Tak jich nazývame.
Mnohaja I blahaja l’ita Vladyko!
S láskou, Tiffany, Carlos & Iveta (Hal’ama) Canjura
10th Street, NYC

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas

We would like to wish you a very Happy 75th Birthday and many more years of health and happiness. Many years ago when you were watching over us at 10th St. my father Michael made you a shepherd staff and gave it to you when you and Lou Dolhy visited my parents in St. Nicholas Village N.J. I'm sure that my parents Michael and Tessie are looking down and wishing you a blessed Birthday

John and Linda Strenk
White City, Oregon 

Happy 75th Birthday, Metropolitan Nicholas, we wish you a lot of Health,  and Many Happy Returns! God Bless!

Olga and Peter Vanatko
St. Nicholas of Myra Orthodox Church
New York, NY

Master Bless,

We are filled with joy being able to celebrate the grand occasion of your 75th Birthday.  We are gladden in our spirit that our all merciful Lord has allowed you to shepherd His flock, our diocese, for so many blessed years.  May Your birthday be a great joy to you, as you celebrate with all your spiritual children and friends. 

Many Years, Master!  Eis polla eti Despota!

Fr. Miles, Pañi Elizabeth, Paul, Juliana, & Theresa 

Master Bless,

We the faithful members of the parish of Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Church in Windber send our greetings for a blessed day to you as our Shepherd and former pastor.  May the good Lord grant you many more blessed years as you continue to labor in His vineyard. 

The love, which you have shown to all your flock shall return to you by our continued and unfailing prayers that all the good things of the Lord may come to you. Many Years, Master!  Eis polla eti Despota!

Your faithful flock of Saints Peter & Paul Church, Windber, Pennsylvania

Master Bless!

We are overjoyed to send you greetings on reaching the milestone of your seventy-fifth birthday. Eis Polla Eti Despota!

We are thankful for your Archpastoral guidance,  love and friendship over the years.  We love and respect you as our Father in Christ, and offer our heartfelt prayers that Almighty God will continue to bless and strengthen you in the days ahead. 

With our love and prayers always, singing from the depths of our heart, Zaspivijme, Mnohaja, Mnohaja Lita....

Father Peter, Pani Carol, Daniel and Timothy

Master Bless!

We are pleased to offer our greetings to you as you celebrate your seventy-fifth birthday.

Please accept our prayerful best wishes and be assured of our prayers that Almighty God continues to bless and strengthen you as you labor in the vineyard of our Lord.

We love you and pray that you have an enjoyable birthday celebration.

Mnohaya Lita Vladiko! - Eis Polla Eti Despota!  God Grant You Many Years Master!

Your devoted spiritual children 
St. John the Baptist Church
Stratford, CT  (Broadbridge Ave)

Glory To Jesus Christ!
Your Eminence,
May God Grant You Many More Years of Blessed Service to God's Holy Church

With Love in Christ

Subdeacon Seamus and Maria Murray & Family

To Our Beloved Metropolitan Nicholas,

With our love, prayers and gratitude on the occasion of your 75th birthday.

Many and Blessed Years!

Fr. Roberto and the Faithful of
St. Silouan the Athonite Orthodox Mission

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

Your 75th birthday is truly a Jubilee—a celebration of a life in service to God and His Church! We are grateful that for 8 years you were our Pastor here at St. Nicholas on 10th Street in New York City.

When you came to us, we were a divided parish. We needed someone to bring spiritual and parochial healing to us, and you were the perfect priest for the job. You instituted the weekly fellowship Coffee Hour giving us a social environment to begin to come together. You encouraged us to come to Communion more often, not just Easter and Christmas, and when one of us missed Liturgy on Sunday, you'd call to make sure we were okay.

In your love for our Rusyn Heritage you established our Annual Kermes, which you still attend when you are able, and from which grew our ladies' singing group, Vychodna Dolina. There are plans now to create a Rusyn Museum at the Church. Because of your foresight, our Rusyn roots will be preserved for future generations.

Your forays into the Lower East Side community forged links to our local NYPD Precinct for which you served as Chaplain, our neighborhood restaurants who still ask about you, and even brought Gloria Incense to the Diocese.

Your Eminence, we are fortunate to have shared in your spiritual guidance, warmth, good humor and love. Your legacy continues here at St. Nicholas. We pray that God grant you many more years of good health and strength to continue to lead us all toward the Heavenly Kingdom.


With great affection,
Your Spiritual Children at St. Nicholas of Myra Orthodox Church
10th Street, New York, NY 

To our beloved Metropolitan Nicholas,

One of our most special days ever was when we were given the honor of presenting roses to you at the fiftieth anniversary of your priestly ordination.  Please know that we prayed for you on that day; on this special day and every day we pray for you too.  Like Saint Nicholas, you are good and kind and generous.  We love you very much and we are happy when we are with you.  We ask God to watch over you, and we ask you to bless us.  Many, many years of good health, peace, and happiness to you, O Master!

With love,
Alexandra, Anastasia, and Nicholas Benc

"Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the Word of God; consider the outcome of their life and imitate their faith." (Hebrews 13:7)

Your Eminence, Beloved Master in the Lord,

We sincerely congratulate you, dear Master, on this your 75th birthday. Throughout your fifty-two years of priestly and episcopal service, you have proven yourself to be a dedicated shepherd.  How blessed we are that you are part of our lives; we assure you of our profound and deep gratitude, love, and esteem.  May the All-Merciful God grant you spiritual and physical strength for your continued ministry for the good of Christ's Church, the witness of Orthodoxy, and for the salvation of the flock entrusted to you.  POLLA TA, ETI!

With love in the Lord,
Protodeacon Gregory and Tamara Benc

Dear Vladika Nicholas,

Master bless!

On behalf of all who are, and have been, involved in the Lived Theology School here in Toronto, I send our warmest and heartfelt greetings on your 75th birthday to you, our beloved Honorary President. Your Eminence is daily in our thoughts and prayers. We are ever grateful for your blessing and your support.

Wishing you a joyous birthday.  And if you will forgive my using an expression not often heard in Canada - God bless our President! - and give you His Strength.

Reverencing your right hand

Deacon Pawel
Prefect LTS

Dear Vladyko,

On birthdays we think of gifts, and I am remembering with gratitude
some of the gifts you've given me over the years: wonderful memories
of good cheer at a sing-along you led; a thought-provoking sermon in
Stratford that I still recall often; and especially your kindness to
me and my wife. I am wishing for you to have a happy birthday
celebration and praying that God will grant you His rich blessings

With much love,

Michael Decerbo

Dearest Metropolitan Nicholas:

Slava Isusu Christu! Slava Naviki Bohu!

Sending to you greetings from our family to you on your 75th Birthday. May God grant you Peace, Good Health, much Happiness, Salvation and good hastening in all things, and may He bless and keep you in His loving care for Many, Blessed Years.
"Na Mnohaja i Blahaja Lita!"

Rev. Fr. Protodeacon Joseph Hotrovich
Rev. & Pani Alexandre Ioukliaevskikh
Christina, Olga & Alexander Ioukliaevskikh

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Master Bless!
On the occasion of  your 75th birthday, allow me to extend to you the prayers of myself and our parish family of St.Nectarios in Lakeland, FL that our Lord God and Savior will continue to shower you with His abundant blessings and grant you many blessed years.  Mnohaja L'ita Blahaja L'ita!
Fr. Nicholas, Pani Wanda, Reader Adam
and the parishioners of St. Nectarios Orthodox Mission, Lakeland, Florida.

To His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas

God's choicest blessings to you on your 75th Birthday and always! 
EisPolla Eti Despota! Many Years, O Master!
-- Fr. Peter, Pani Bernadette
and Alexander Zarynow

Blahoslovi Vladyko!

I wish to extend to you my best wishes on the occasion of your birthday.   May God grant you many blessed, healthy and happy years.   Na mnohaja i blahaja lita!

Juliann (Kraynak) Porter
St John the Baptist Church
Stratford, CT  (Broadbridge) 

Your Eminence,

Congratulations on your upcoming birthday.  We thank you for all that you have done (by the grace of God) for our diocese and your faithful flock.  We are looking forward to seeing you in Monongahela on Sunday, Oct 2, 2011 for our 100th anniversary !!   GOD BLESS YOU.

Daniel & Donna Timko

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas-

Wishing you a happy birthday and many more happy and healthy years.

Kevin, Justina (Chobor) & Nadia Ryan
10th Street, NYC

Your Eminence: Glory to Jesus Christ!

We offer thanksgiving and our humble prayers to our Father...Creator of Heaven and Earth...for the day you were born, and for the caring spiritual direction you give to Saints Joseph and Andrew Mission and our Diocese. We recognize in our hearts that you are a "friend" of Christ.

May this happy and joyful day be remembered through all eternity. Our love in the Name of the Lord,

Fr. John, Pani Cindy, and the faithful of Saint Joseph and Saint Andrew Mission.

Glory Forever!

Your Eminence and dear Vladyka Metropolitan Nikolai,

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

My family and I are filled with joy to have learned of your 75th Birthday celebration! You are both a true shepherd and faithful steward and it is with great fondness and admiration that we are wishing you a Happy Birthday!

May our Lord and Savior richly bless you on this great milestone and we humbly ask for your Archpastoral prayers!

With love in Christ Jesus,
Archpriest Lawrence Bacik, Matushka Marie & Alexander
Battle Creek, MI

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,
Glory Be to Jesus Christ! Glory Be Forever!
Wishing Your Eminence a very joyous 75th Birthday, and may God grant you peace, health, and long life for many happy and blessed years.
Marilyn, Stephen, Reader Andrew, and Philip Wythe

Your Eminence,
I met you at the funeral of my uncle, Bishop Dudick, and am impressed and grateful for the work you do.  I just want to send my wishes for a very happy 75th birthday.  Enjoy your celebration!
Michele Keffer, Ph.D.
Counseling and Psychological Services
Carnegie Mellon University

Your Eminence:

Master, bless! "God loves a cheerful giver." And, you're such a good example of God's love at work in the world...It shows in the kind words you say and in the thoughtful things you do for others. May God bless you on your 75th birthday and every day! Asking your blessing, and reverencing your right hand, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father R. Michael Zak & Pani Deborah 

 Your Eminence,

Greetings from Grafenwoehr, Germany.

I wish you a pleasant birthday and may God continue to bless you always! I thank you and God for your inspiration to all of us Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox faithful.

My family and I are members of St John's Orthodox Church in Perth Amboy, NJ and are very proud of all you did for us. Thank you!

In case you are wondering why am I in Germany. I have enlisted in the US Army on March 17, 1999 and am currently stationed in Germany. I am a supply sergeant for a Cargo Transfer Company. I am scheduled to return to the states Nov 5th this year.

Once again Happy Birthday!

Yours in Christ,

James Michael Hrehowsik

 To our esteemed Metropolitan Nicholas,

Mnohaja Lita!

Elaine and Alex Sirak Jr. 

Christos posredi nas. Dorohyj Vladyko.

 V dnešnij de? prichodime do VAS chot takym sposobom, i slovami Troparja: Pravoslavija nastavnice, blahocestija ucytelu i cistoty, vselennyja svitilnice dorohyj Archijereju, prijmi sije nase molenije, za zdravja, za silu za Spasenije i blahodarnost za vsi dary premudrosti i razuma. Ko Vasomu juvileju, zelajeme zdorovja, jakoho zavse treba, sily i premudrosti, stoby veli svoju pastvu ko

Hospodu, ko Spaseniju dus i tiles nasych.

NA mnohaja i blahaja lita spivajeme 

Anna Derevjanikova i moji spivuci cerkovni  chory z Prjasova.

Happy Birthday your Excellency! 

May you be blessed with many more healthy years and thank you for your years of dedication and guidance to us all.

Ray and Georgene Ammon

 Dear Metropolitan Nicholas:

We keep you in our prayers always.  My God grant you many more years.

Love in Christ,
Victor and Nancy Chiasson
Parishioners, Christ the Saviour Orthodox Sobor
Ottawa, Canada

Your Eminence: Glory to Jesus Christ!

Your Eminence, when you left St. Nicholas of Myra it was a huge loss, but our loss was everyone else's gain. With your 75th Birthday now at hand I just wanted to convey to you how much you have done for us both at the local and Diocesan level.

We pray that God grant you many more years of good health and strength to continue to lead us all toward the Heavenly Kingdom.

A combination of spirituality and wisdom is hard to find and I'm so glad that you were able to share [and instill] them in all of us.

Ev & Mike Kormanik and all the parishioners of 10th Street

 Bless Master,
On the celebration of your birthday, Vladyka, wishing you Many Many Years!!! 
Reverencing Your Right Hand,
Your unworthy servant,
Sub Deacon Victor and Robin Poletajev

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Wishing you a blessed 75th birthday and may God keep you in his care.

With our love,

Tom and Ilona Decerbo and family

Your Eminence – all of us at ALEXANDRA INTERNATIONAL pray God will grant you many happy and healthy years. I “thank you” for all the support you have given to my company throughout the years! Sorry I cannot be there in person to celebrate with you your 75th birthday, but know I will be there in spirit. If you can, I hope you will be able to attend our show at St Vincent’s on February 28th. It is always a delight to see you.

All my best,


Metropolitan Nicholas,

Best wishes for a most blessed birthday and Many Years.  May the sincere and heartfelt love and support you have shown to us in your new mission of Holy Cross in Columbus, Ohio be returned to you many times over.  We love and appreciate you as well.
Linda Julia Lindley,
Member of Holy Cross Mission


Your Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas,

 Please accept my best wishes on the occasion of your 75th birthday.  I will always hold a special place in my heart for you.  May our Lord abundantly bless you.  

Kissing your right hand with the utmost respect,
Deacon Evangelos Prieston

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,
We wish you a very happy, blessed and healthy 75th birthday year - and many more to come!  May God Bless and protect you.  Mnohaja Lita!
Yours in Christ, the Medvecky family (10th Street, NYC)

Your Eminence,

Our sincerest and heartfelt wishes to you on this milestone occasion.  May God grant you many, many years!  Our prayers continue to be with you that you may be healed of this problem that affects your very being.  Dear Lord, have mercy upon YOUR servant, the Metropolitan Nicholas, that he may be restored to good health to serve YOU, OUR LORD AND MASTER.

With love in Christ,

Dorothy and Harold Pukita
Holy Cross Orthodox Mission
Columbus, Ohio

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Master Bless!

Happy Birthday your Eminence!

Our  family wants to wish you a Happy 75th Birthday and hope that the coming year brings you Happiness, Health, and Prosperity.

Na mnohaja i blahaja lita!  --  May God Grant You Many Blessed Years!
Deacon John, Debbie and Emily Anderson
St. John the Baptist, Sharon, Pa

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Eis polla aeti, Despota! May God grant many years to His beloved servant, Metropolitan Nicholas, who serves His people with such devotion and love!
Neil Foley/Irish Melkite



Dear Metropolitan Nicholas:

We keep you in our prayers always.  My God grant you many more years.

Love in Christ,

Victor and Nancy Chiasson
Parishioners, Christ the Saviour Orthodox Sobor
Ottawa, Canada

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Happy Birthday, and may God grant you many blessings this year!

Your servants,

Evans and Harry Thomas
St. James Orthodox Church
Farmville, Virginia

Your Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas,
Congratulations and Best Wishes as you celebrate your 75th Birthday! May you have many years of peace, health and happiness, nam mnohaja I blahaja lita!
Fr. John Fencik
St. Mary’s Parish
Bayonne, NJ

Vysokopreosviascenisyj Vladyko,

Dovolte i nam pridaty sa ku gratulantom.

Choz nas dilyt velika mlaka, i bahato kilometriv, ale  v myslenkach sme blizko i nasa vjira nas davat dokupy.
Ta i my tu vsytky na Vas dumame i ku Vasomu krasnomu svatu zelame vsytko dobre, holovni bahato zdorovja, Bozoj milosti i Blahodaty             

Vsytky vjirujusci i zyteli sela Orjabina

Monika Kormanikova

Preosviacsenisyj Vladyko,

We would like to wish you a very happy birthday and many, many more. We sing MNOHAJA I BLAHAJA LITA to you                                          

Monika, Slavo and Nikolas Kormanik

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

We send you our warmest birthday wishes!  May God grant you many more blessed years!

Nicholas & Justine Timko and Family
10th Street, NYC

Slava Isusu Christu!

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Sending you my very Best and Prayerful Wishes to You on Your Birthday! Na Mnohaja i Blahaja Lita! God Bless and Watch Over You Now and Always!

Warren Reznicek

Metropolitan Nicholas (Smishko), spiritual leader of Orthodox Carpatho-Rusyns, turned 75 years old. On behalf of the Sojm of Subcarpathian Rusyns, we congratulate the Rusyn-jubilarian, a unique patriot of his Rusyn nation. He was often in Uzhorod and captured the spirituality and richness of the Rusyn religious culture of our entire nation. Many years, great Rusyn of America

From Facebook Page of
Fr. Dimitri Sydor,
Uzhorod, Subcarpatho-Rus

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,
Glory be to Jesus Christ!  The Martin family in North Side, Pittsburgh wishes you a most blessed birthday, and may God grant you many more years!

Your Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas

Greetings From Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE

Birthday Greetings Your Eminence!

On behalf of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Family i extend our prayerful greetings yo Your Eminence on the occasion of 75th birthday. God grand Your Eminence many blessed years with health, prosperity and peace.

In Christ
George Alexander
& Spokesperson
Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE
Society & Media Network
Seeking United Orthodox Christian Witness

 Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,
I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday today and best wishes throughout the year!

It is also my husband Bill’s birthday today!
Julie Gordon
Design  Coordinator
Newbury Homes 

Blessed Master,

As one of your first alter boys at SS Peter & Paul in Windber, I will always
remember the help you gave me with the Boy Scout Alpha and Omega award
and with my high school Senior English paper on the Cyrillic alphabet.
(I still have the paper.)

May God grant you many and blessed years.

Michael Charnego (Cernega)
SS Peter & Paul Church member
Homer City, PA

To, Dearest Metropolitan Nicholas:

Hope you know the reason why you're thought about so much...
Is just that every thought of you
Is warmed by friendship's Touch!

Would like to wish you a very Happy 75th birthday! May God bless you always and Forever!

Love Always,

Bobby, Chrissy, Matthew John Santalla 

Your Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas,
Thank you for all you have done in carrying out God’s work!  We wish you many more blessed years!
Mnohaja I Blahaja Lita Vladiko!
Jeff and Andrea Robel and
sons David and SubDeacon Gregory
Asheville, NC

Your Eminence,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Please accept my apologies for not being able to make it to Johnstown on this wonderful day.  While I am not present physically, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you celebrate your 75th birthday.

If I may be bold, I want to tell you that you have made an enormous impact on my life and ministry.  I well remember that during the four years I traveled to Johnstown for the Diaconal program, the highlight of each weekend was the time that we spent with you during meals, or occasional opportunities for one on one conversations.  Those talks helped immeasurably in molding me as both an Orthodox Christian, and as priest of the Holy Church.  I am confident I am not alone in saying that.  In the people you have touched -- men and women, clergy and laity -- you have built a legacy which cannot be denied, and which will resonate for years to come.

Seeking your Eminence's continued Archpastoral prayers and blessings, and kissing your Eminence's right hand, I am

Your priestly servant in Christ,

Fr. James Blomeley

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

May God bless you on your birthday, and keep you always in His tender, loving care.

Alexis Decerbo


Your Eminence:

Wishing you a happy and healthy 75th birthday. May God grant you many more healthy and happy years. Nam mnohaja I blahaja lit a


Lillian Benc

Vladyka Nicholas,
Glory to Jesus Christ!
We wish you a very happy, blessed and healthy 75th birthday.

 Eiς πολλa Eτη Δeσποτα!
Reverencing your right hand,
Sub-Deacon Theodore and Haroula Alamanos and Family
St. Silouan the Athonite Orthodox Mission Parish
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Vladyka Nicholas:
On the occasion of your 75th birthday, please allow me to extend my heartfelt wishes for a most wonderful birthday!  I have truly enjoyed the few occasions when I have had the chance to visit with you.  As a fellow Rusyn I am most grateful for all that you do to perpetuate our heritage, our Prostopinije, our Orthodox faith and most of all for your efforts at church unity.  May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless you in your ministry and watch over and protect you.
Eis Polla Eti Despota!
In Christ,
Polly Russinik Walker (Eden Prairie, MN)

Your Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas,
My family and I offer your our prayers and warmest wishes on the occasion of your birthday.  May the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ strengthen and comfort you.  We thank you for your love and support that we feel here in Ottawa despite the many miles separation.
God grant you many years!
Always you remain in our prayers,
Fr. Dcn. Michael, Adriana, Nicolas, Jonathan, Zacchaeus & Elijah

Happy Birthday Metropolitan Nicholas! 

May God Grant you many blessed years.  My son Grant is also celebrating his birthday tomorrow as well.  I didn't realize that he was born on your birthday.

Sandy Diles Bates and Family

 Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

You have been in my life since I was very young and I just wanted to thank you for the great spiritual guidance and leadership through out these many years.  May God grant you His peace. 

Happy 75th Birthday! 

Garnice Leer

Your Eminence,

May God bless you on this occasion of your 75th birthday and grant you many blessed years of spiritual joy!  Thank you for all of your help, guidance, love, and thoughtfulness you have shown to us and all of our family members over the many years that we have known you.  Words are inadequate to express our love and gratitude for all that you have done for us.  Eis polla eti thespota!

In Christ's Love,
Reader Frederick (Leo), Garnice, Andrew, and Elaine Leer

Your Eminence,

My thoughts and prayers for you on this special occasion. It is with pride, that
I am from your home parish and wish you Many Happy Years!

Eis Polla Eti Despota!

Stephen Gallant Jr.
St. Johns Church,
Perth Amboy, N.J.

 Metropolitan Nicholas,
A Happy 75th Birthday from Sunny Arizona!! You have always had a special place in my heart and have never been forgotten. 
May God grant you many more healthy, happy and blessed year.
Elizabeth Bernadine (Radasky) Michel
Surprise, Arizona  

Your Eminence:
Master Bless!

Wishing you a blessed and happy 75th birthday!  May God grant you many years!
Eis polla eti Despota!

Reverencing Your Right Hand,
Subdeacon Marc Wisnosky and Alison Archer

Dorohyj nas Metropolita Nicholas

Prajeme Vam z ciloho serca,zdravja,stestja i bozoho pozehnanja na MNOHAJA I BLAHAJ

Jan,Renata,John Michael and Nicole Ann Hubka from east 10th str ,NY,NY


Metropolitan Nicholas,

 May God grant you many happy and blessed years!

Mna Mnohaja l'ita vladyko!

Steve Petach, Cantor
Proto Cathedral of St Mary
Eparchy of Phoenix
Sherman Oaks, CA

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

Happy 75th Birthday! Best wishes to you! You have been such an inspiration to so many people for so many years. Your kind and thoughtful words of advice have especially been meaningful in my family’s life during each of your visits to our church in Bridgeport, CT. You touched our hearts and helped guide my son, Seminarian Jonathan Bannon, toward a spiritual path. I wish you many more happy and healthy years!


Nancy Barger and family

Dear Metropolitan Nicholas,

Wishing you the very happiest 75th birthday.  May God grant you many, many more happy, healthy years!

Our love in Christ,

The Klimaszewski Family - Joe, Laura, Alexis & Natalie

Shelton, CT 

Your Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas,

Zelaju Vam dobroho zdorowlja, od Hospoda Boha, na mnohaja i blahaja lita.


John Popadin and family
Perth Amboy, NJ

Metropolitan Nicholas,

Happy 75th Birthday!  We wish you health and happiness for years to come.

Joe, Doreen (Chobor), Julia, Rebecca & Sara Clemente
(10th street, NYC)

Master Bless,

Your Eminence, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of your 75th Birthday. I am continually praying for you, and hope you have many more and blessed years. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Paul Zdinak

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