2011-2012 Seminary Academic Year Begins

JOHNSTOWN, PA --  Returning and new seminarians at Christ the Saviour Seminary gathered for Divine Liturgy on Sunday, August 28, at Christ the Saviour Cathedral, which marked the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year. 

Protopresbyter Frank P. Miloro celebrated the Liturgy, assisted by Very Rev. John S. Brancho and newly-ordained priest, Father David Mastroberte.

Pictured left to right are: Fr. Mastroberte, Sem. Will Bennett (St. Michael's, Binghamton), Sem. William George (SS. Peter and Paul's, Rockaway), Sem. Jon Bannon (St. John's, Bridgeport), Sub-deacon Michael Vaporis (Christ the Saviour Cathedral), Father Miloro, Sem. Jim Janiec (Christ the Saviour Cathedral), Sem. Joseph Birthisel (Christ the Saviour Cathedral), Sem. Matt Dutko (St. Michael's, Binghamton), Sem. Daniel Vaskalis (St. Michael's, Freeland), and Fr. Brancho.

Faculty and students and their families got together for a cook-out after Liturgy in the late afternoon. The informal atmosphere allowed everyone, both veterans and new faces, to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere. It was a great success: the event continued until darkness forced everyone to finally break up.

Much excitement is being generated up on Mount Christ the Saviour, as the academic year openned with the largest student body in many years. Eight seminarians will be studying for the priesthood this year, including four new students.  There are also new additions to the faculty who will enable the seminary to continue to improve the educational and spiritual formation of these men who have committed themselves to discovering God's call for them

These are the faculty and students this year:

Faculty & Staff:

Fr. Frank Miloro, Dean

Fr. Nicholas Ferencz, Prefect

Fr. James Gleason, Theology, Liturgy and Liturgical Music

Fr. Jonathan Tobias, History, Preaching and Counseling

Fr. Ken Bachofsky, Scripture

Ms. Helen Spanovich, Voice, Liturgical Music

Mr. John Mavrodis, Greek, Counseling.

Mr. Mavrodis and Fr. Jonathan Tobias will also develop and oversee the Pastoral Field Education Program.

Fr. John Brancho, a new addition to the faculty, who will be involved in the Pastoral Administration Course with Fr. Frank Miloro and also contribute to the Field Education Program.

Also, the seminary cook, Catherine Huber, who began working with the seminary at the beginning of Lent last year and begins  her first full academic year.


Returning students include:  Fr. David Mastroberte, who will be completely his seminary education via Skype from his new parish in Sharon, PA;Subdeacon Jon Bannon; Subdeacon Bill George and Subdeacon Will Bennett

The new students are Subdeacon James Janiec  (who was taking seminary classes part-time last year while completing the Diaconate program and working a full-time job- He is now full-time at the seminary) Reader Daniel Vaskalis; Matthew Dutko; and  Joseph Birthisel, who, in addition to being our first seminarian from Texas, also is the first student to start his seminary training while raising, together with his wife Lauren, seven children.

As the new academic year begins with all of these changes, the faculty, staff and students of Christ the Saviour Seminary look forward to a spiritually profitable, academically challenging and  enjoyable year!

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