IT Apostolate Announces Major Outreach Initiative To Homebound

JOHNSTOWN, PA --  The Diocesan Apostolate for Information Technology and Communications has announced, today,  the launching of a major outreach initiative geared towards the homebound and infirm.  

As part of its "Church Without Walls" campaign, the IT Apostolate, in cooperation with the Vinocom Technology Company of Newton Falls, Ohio,  will now offer videos in DVD format of all services and events broadcast live from Christ the Saviour Cathedral.  While archived videos are currently available for viewing on-line,  it is recognized that many elderly who are currently homebound or permanent residents of skilled nursing facilities, do not have access to the internet.

Beginning with the Sunday January 6, 2013 live broadcast, DVDs of the broadcasted Sunday Liturgy can be received at home by mail. With the purchase of an annual subscription, a DVD will be received every week for 52 weeks (1 year). DVDs should arrive within one week of the broadcast.

This is an excellent gift to give to loved ones confined to home or a continuing care facility who are no longer able to attend church. Parishes should consider purchasing one or more subscriptions and sharing the DVDs with the elderly and shut-ins of their community. 

Annual subscriptions are $350.00 for 52 weeks, and postage is included. Alternatively,  individual DVDs may be purchased for $10.00 each (+ $2.00 shipping).

Click Here For More Details and to Purchase

The IT Apostolate wishes to offer its sincere gratitude to the Rowland Family of Washington, DC for underwriting the costs of upgrading the live broadcast and video capturing equipment, which now allows us to offer this new service.  This project is dedicated to the memory of  life-long diocesan member, Helen Sedlar Rowland, of St. John the Baptist Church, Stratford, CT.  In the last years of her life, Helen, spent many hours each day watching videos of Divine Services, so that she could be where her heart longed to be, in the House of the Lord.  May Her Memory Be Eternal!   

Orthros Gospel Reading: Matthew 22:15-46; 23:1-39

Vespers Gospel Reading: Matthew 24:36-51; 25:1-46; 26:1-2

James the Apostle and brother of St. John the Theologian; Argyra the New Martyr; Clement the Hymnographer; Erconwald, Bishop of London

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