Space Still Available on Bus From Johnstown to ACRY Convention in Chicago

JOHNSTOWN, PA -- If you're still on the fence about considering going to Chicago this Labor Day weekend, to attend the National ACRY Convention, it's not too late to get a seat on the Johnstown bus!!

The initial email was sent out back in April but so far only 20 seats have been reserved. There's room for 55 but if they do not get more people, they will have to cancel the bus

The deadline for reservations has been extended to June 30th!!

Currently, the departure times are still being figured out but they will more than likely be leaving early the Friday morning of the Convention. The bus will depart from the Educational Center, so cars would be safe to park there. The bus company will allow them one stop along the route, to pick up additional passengers. They're thinking that perhaps on the way, around Pittsburgh would be good, as long as it is somewhere that is not out of the way.

The cost will be approximately $125 per person (except for a baby). They will require a $50 non-refundable deposit no later than June 30th.

If you are interested in joining them, please contact Donna Yarina at


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