New DVD About Camp Nazareth Produced

MERCER, PA [Camp Nazareth]  -- A new Camp Nazareth DVD has been completed! It is entitled: Camp Nazareth—Your Journey Starts Here! Those who have worked on the project, and those who have seen the trailers and the completed DVD, are very excited about it and believe it captures the spirit of the Camp. We tried and believe we have succeeded in giving those who see the DVD an experience of Camp...what it is like to be here and participate in the Camping Program. Our challenge was to reveal a fun and outstanding program, while at the same time communicating the foundation of Camp Nazareth who is Christ Himself.

Listen to what some have said about the new Camp DVD:

"This is an inspiring and motivational video. It has captured in a beautiful way the experience of Camp, the richness of the Camp Program, and its value to our children."

"Parents who watch this video will want to send their children to Camp Nazareth."

"This DVD highlights the beauty of Camp and why every child needs what the Camp Program has to offer."

We are asking the diocesan faithful to order the DVD from their parishes, youth groups and ACRY chapters as a fundraiser for their children to attend Camp. At this time, please do not order the DVD directly from the Camp. We are giving our diocesan children the opportunity to use the DVD as a fundraiser to help with the cost of Camp. After February 7, 2011, you will be able to order the DVDs directly from the Camp.

This is not a fundraiser for the Camp. It is a fundraiser for kids to attend Camp. The cost of the DVD to you does not come close to paying for the cost of producing the DVD. Again, the Camp sees this DVD as a both a fundraising tool for your children and as a promotional tool for the Camp, with an emphasis on the fundraising for your children.

For every 100 DVDs sold around the Diocese, the Camp will offer 2 extra partial scholarships in the amount of $100. If we sell 500 DVDs around the Diocese that means 10 extra children will receive an additional $100 toward their Camp tuition. 500 DVDs sounds like a lot, but if just half the kids that come to Camp sell 2 DVDs each (one to their families and say one to Baba) we are already at the 500 mark. This is an obtainable goal for us if we work together. And again, the DVD itself is both exciting and inspiring. Wait until you see it! We hope that in addition to the kids selling the DVD, each parish would a few copies on hand to show potential campers and their families.

- Father Stephen Loposky, Camp Nazareth Administrator

Download DVD flyer and place your order with your parish today.