Distinguished Diocesan Donor Program Plans A Path of Growth

JOHNSTOWN, PA  [Diocesan Chancery] -- The Distinguished Diocesan Donor's Program is on the path of growth! Distinguished Donors responded last year, with contributions totaling $145,454, an 83% increase from 2010. Glory to God!

Nearly $108,000 in donations paid for a substantial portion of the Camp Nazareth Director's residence expansion leaving the diocese debt free. Please join Family Day at Camp Nazareth on Sunday, June 10, 2012 to see the accomplishments firsthand - http://www.campnazareth.org.

A $6,000 generous donation was earmarked for Information Technology to upgrade the live broadcast system to high-definition and provide archiving capabilities. This enabled our diocesan parishioners who are shut-in the ability to remain connected to the Church. Visit http://ddd.acrod.org to view archived services and photo galleries of the camp renovation project made possible through 3D donor support.

This year we invite you to participate in further improvements for our diocesan apostolates. Camp Nazareth is in need of $120,000 for the main driveway, enhancements to the Olympic-sized swimming pool and two sports fields, and continual camp maintenance. Information Technology has planned upgrades to the website that along with ongoing live streaming, hosting and technical support will total $50,000. Furthermore, we have five other diocesan apostolates and ministries that are in need of growth monies upwards of $50,000 that for the Glory of God will benefit from your donations.

Please support your diocese this year and consider helping us continue on this path of growth for the Distinguished Diocesan Donor Program. With your help, together we can continue to advance our diocese. To learn more about the Distinguished Diocesan Donor Program or to donate online please visit http://ddd.acrod.org

Distinguished Diocesan Donors Program
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the U.S.A.
312 Garfield Street
Johnstown, PA 15906