Photo Gallery

2009 Summer Camp Wk 1 - Tuesday

Posted photos show scenes from Tuesday's activities.
The day began with morning prayers.
Alex joined in the chanting of morning prayers.
Benjamin chanted the daily epistle reading.
Fr. Michael Macura offers a short homily at Morning Prayers.
The morning stretch prior to breakfast.
Counsellors Nick and Stassia read the results of the daily cabin clean-up.
These campers had to sing the Baby Shark song to retrieve their lost and found items.
Danielle and Bob show the campers some Carpatho-Rusyn dance moves.
Campers practice ethnic dance steps for Friday night's dance.
Clergy rap at the Cross Shrine.
These campers posed thoughtful questions to the priests during Clergy rap.
Fr. John Pribish spoke about the life of Old Testament Patriarch Abraham during the evening religious education class.
Supper at the lodge.
"O Holy Mother of God Pray For Us!"
Fr. Peter Paproski, offered the homily at the Evening Moleben to the Theotokos Service.
Pyrotechnics expert Ben lights the camp fire.
The camp fire took the chill out of the damp evening.
Getting ready for the sing along.
" I am a C-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n ....."
Friends forever!