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Pilgrimage 2008 - Sunday Aug 17, 2008

The Third Annual Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage began on Friday afternoon August 15, 2008 at Camp Nazareth. Upon their arrival and registration the pilgrims participated in the Daily Vespers service and enjoyed a delicious supper prepared by the Camp Nazareth Staff. Following supper the pilgrims hiked through the woods here they experienced the peacefulness and enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of the waterfalls. The day ended with a spiritual talk on the porch of Sts. Cyril and Methodios Church and the singing of Complines.
The Church Was Filled to Overflow Capacity With Pilgrims.
Protodeacons John and Emil Exchange the Kiss of Peace During The Singing of the Creed.
A Mother and Daughter Spend a Peaceful Moment Together.
A Highlight of This Year's Pilgrimage Was The Presentation of a Reliquary With the Relics of Twelve Saints to Sts. Cyril and Methodios Church By His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas. The Relics Were Carried into Church By Four Diocesan Teenagers.
"May The Lord Our God Remember All of You Orthodox Christians in His Kingdom, Always, Now and Ever and Unto Ages of Ages..."
Protodeacon John Youhas Proclaims the Gospel.
Deacon Conjelko Intones The Triple Litany.
His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas is greeted with Bread and Salt and the Hand Cross by Fr. Michael Ellis, The Director of Camp Nazareth.
David Dutko of St. Michael's Church in Binghamton NY Read the Epistle.
His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas Preached About the Ministry of St. Paul.
At the Conclusion of Divine Liturgy, Father Michael Ellis Welcomed the Pilgrims to Camp Nazareth.
"That To Those Who Shall Partake of Them, They May Be For The Spiritual Peace of Soul, For The Remission of Sins, For The Communion of the Holy Spirit, For the Full Partipation In The Kingdom of Heaven, For Confidence in Approaching You, Not for Judgement or condemnation..."