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Camp Nazareth New Cabin Project Days 17-23

Our Diocese, together with funding from the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh and the Episcopal Diocese of North West Pennsylvania, began construction (just after Labor Day 2017) of a new cabin. The new cabin will help Camp meet the needs of our different user groups, as well as the needs of our Diocesan events at Camp. The new structure will be a multipurpose facility (speaking venue, indoor activity area, potential cabin, as well as potential nurses station). The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-November.
Bringing the Sheeting to the Roof
One side of the roof sheeted
From the back of Cabins A and B looking at the side of the New Cabin.
Starting to sheet the other side of the roof
Still open spaces in the roof of "The Ark".
They worked quickly to get the roof sheeted.
The other side of the roof done.
Nate, the Site Manager for the Construction Company found a spot from which he could make calls.
The roof not shingled quite yet.
What if you had to wall paper something this big.
Actually it's a vapor barrier with the siding being put on close behind. This was the first side of the cabin to have the T1-11 side put on it.
Future shower
Future view
Enough lead time was given to get the windows in on time.
Looking from front to back...looks big. It is big but for speaking venues it needs to be.
From the parking lot...the hill/knoll of Cabins A and B ensures that the new structure doesn't dominate the view.
All those pink packs are the shingles.
The pink packs begun to be used.
Good old American plumbing -- red, white and blue.
The other side of the Ark being "wall-papered" and sided.
We have a good crew. It's day 22 and they've almost finished siding the new building.
Siding almost done. They had to wait for the porch to be done before completing the final portion.
Just a picture of the duct work.
Looking from the inside out.
A view from the Staff Lodge.
The back of the new building.
One side painted starting on Day 22.
You can see where the front porch will eventually go.
Two ladder, two HVAC guys and little bit of balance.
Posts for the future front porch needed to be installed...
...and eventually leveled. Here they just have them in their holes, but not leveled.
Painter worked quickly spraying and then to ensure even coating and enough coating, also rolled the siding.
The front porch beginning to take shape.
Coming together nicely!
A view of the front on Day 23.