Photo Gallery

New Cabin Construction Days 11-17 (9/28/17)

Construction progress on new multi-purpose cabin at Camp Nazareth - Days 11-17.
If you want to have showers...
Roll and Tamp to get ready to pour the slab.
Remember the trench for the water? Where'd it go?
Stubbing up the plumping
Almost ready for the concrete to be poured.
Pouring the slab
Making sure the re-bar is as it should be
Driver is a little suspicious of the camera, but he's got a great job...driving a life-size Tonka truck!!
Smoothing out the slab is an important job if you want the finished floor to look good.
It's amazing how fast the concrete hardens so it can be walked on.
Ugh...more seeding to do, but the landscaping already taking shape.
Finishing up the smoothing process.
Wave to the camera!
Lumber just waiting to be used.
Setting up to get the first wall up.
Nearly there with the first wall...
...and here it is. The first part of the first wall of "Noah's Ark" goes up.
Marking out the interior rooms of "The Ark".
One full wall completed. Complete with oars attached.
Second wall being laid out on the floor.
Second wall up with oars attached.
Third wall up and "The Ark" is beginning to take shape.
Just your average pile of necessary stone.
A view out "The Ark's" stern portal.
A view out the aft portal.
Interior walls beginning to be constructed.
2 showers, 2 bathrooms and a utility room are all part of the plans.
A view from a distance.
Future shower.
Getting ready for the trusses.
The front wall of the cabin just waiting to be installed.
The first truss going up on "The Ark".
Setting the truss carefully.
Beginning to level the first truss.
And do you know what they level it using?...
...a Cross! Fascinating that a cross is in the foundation, and a cross is used at the highest point of the cabin.
More trusses added the same day.
A view from Cabins 1 and 2.
Even more trusses added the same day. They're moving quickly.
Almost done with the trusses the same day.
Almost done...
A view of the common room inside "The Ark".
Better hurry Noah, the storms coming.
"The Ark" really beginning to take shape, but who's going to man the oars?