Photo Gallery

Archpastoral Visit to Akron, Ohio (3/12/17)

On March 12, 2017, Bishop Gregory joined the faithful of St. Mary Orthodox Church in Akron, Ohio for Divine Liturgy.

Posted photos show scenes from His Grace’s visit.
Bishop's Crown.
Greg Zuder presents Bishop with bread & salt.
Father Zuder offers cross in welcome.
Bishop enters church.
You have entered O Archpriest!
Little Entrance.
Gary Zuder chants epistle.
Chanting of Gospel.
Bishop venerates Holy Gospel.
Incensing at Cherubic Hymn as David Zuder cantors.
Great Entrance.
Now and ever and forever!
All you Orthodox Christians!
Pani Joan Wine receives antidoron.
Sophie Arena, 90, receives antidoron.
Joyce Wolonsky receives antidoron.
Alexandra receives antidoron.
Juliana receives antidoron.
Pastor & Archpastor.
Zuder family.
Bishop & Faithful.
Juliana presents flowers.