Photo Gallery

2014 Diocesan Camp: Week 3 - Mon July 28

New England/New York/New Jersey/Florida/Canada Deaneries Day 2: Monday
Waking up and stretching for Morning W.I.P.
Riding a Roller Coaster during W.I.P.
3rd week filling the church for Morning Prayers.
Week 3 Seniors light their candles.
Team Nazareth Games kick off with Human Pretzel.
The younger campers try and get a hula hoop around the circle without breaking each other's hands.
Cabin 8 playing a Team Nazareth game.
Cabin 4 and 6 discuss God's Creations.
Cabin 3 and 5 learn how Incense is made.
Bishop Gregory talks with the campers during Bishop's Time.
The oldest cabins sing hymns during Plain Chant.
Fr. Peter reads the Gospel during the Moleben to the Theotokos.
Sports are in full swing after a rainy morning.
The younger campers strategize how to attack during sports.
Campers take a quick minute for a picture by the lodge.
Campers enjoyed an array of activities during the Monday Carnival including Volleyball.