Photo Gallery

2012 Diocesan Camp Epic Sports: Week 2 -- Tues July 24

"I've got your flag..."
"Here I come to save the day..."
"Oh, it's on..."
Capture the Flag is a but a dance!
Teamwork to get the job done
Happiness at the water cooler.
"It's a race!"
"Get it, get it..."
When all is said and's just a game.
"One, two, three, JUMP!"
"The calm before the dodgeball storm."
Team spirit!
"The old man making his way off the dodgeball court..."
"Way to go!"
"Don't cross that line!"
Picture perfect form
Rooting for your spirit, yeah, got spirit
"Guys, be the ball."
Sports Strategery
We really do have fun with Camp sports
"Gotta get 'em all..."
Great Game!
"I am the strongest man in the world..."