Photo Gallery

Camp Nazareth 2010 - Week 2 - Sun

The Second Camping Week of the 2010 Diocesan Camping Season began the evening of Sunday July 25, 2010. The Staff welcomed youth from the New York, New Jersey, New England and Florida Deaneries. Following introductions and supper, each cabin was blessed by Camp Director, Fr. Stephen Loposky and other clergy chaplains. Evening prayers followed a candlelight procession from the cabins.

Photos Show Scenes From the Day's Events.
The Second Week begins... CT Bus Breaks Down at Mc Donalds! in NY
Passing the time at McDonalds with a rousing game of Poker.
They don't seem to mind the wait too much!!
Registration and Arrivals
Campers excited for registration
Collecting Cell phones for the week.
Some ladies from Cabin 4
Staff Introductions
Cabin blessings at cabins 4 and 5
Cabin blessings at cabin 6
Cabin blessings at cabins A and B
Saints Cyril and Methodius lined with votive candles
Lighting Candles before Evening Prayers
Candlelit Church.
Evening prayers
Survivor Windber - Church Words Alphabet Game