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Ordination To The Holy Priesthood Of Fr. Gregory Justiniano

On Sunday September 17, 2006, Fr. Gregory Justiniano of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Danbury was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas. Fr. Gregory, who was born in Puerto Rico is a convert to Orthodoxy, having previously served as an Assembly of God Minister. The posted photos show scenes from his ordination to the Holy Priesthood and the banquet which followed.
The clergy and altar servers in attendance at the Liturgy.
Metropolitan Nicholas imparts words of wisdom to the newly ordained priest.
Fr. Gregory with His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas and Fr. Luke Mihaly.
"AXIOS! AXIOS! AXIOS!" His Eminence vests Fr. Gregory.
Fr. Deacon Gregory is lead into the Church by his Spiritual Father, Very Rev. Luke Mihaly, Pastor of Holy Trinity Church.
Fr. Gregory and Pani Edna Justiniano
Fr Gregory is pictured with his son Hierodeacon Siloan who serves at Mercy House in New York City.
Fr. Deacon Gregory is lead around the Altar Table three times.
"Command!" Fr. Deacon Gregory prostrates himself before the Holy Altar and Metropolitan Nicholas.
"The Grace Divine which fills that which is imperfect..." Fr. Gregory is ordained to the Holy Priesthood through the laying on of hands by His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas.
Fr. Gregory offers a few words of gratitude to His Eminence and the more than 150 faithful in attendance.
Fr. Gregory very eloquently offered his heartfelt thanks to His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas,the members of his family, parishioners and friends who nurtured his vocation to the Holy Priesthood.
Following the Liturgy, a banquet was held at Capellaro's Grove in nearby Bethel, CT.