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Ordination to the Holy Prieshood of Fr. Daniel Mahler

On Sunday October 22, 2006, Fr. Deacon Daniel Mahler of St. John the Baptist Church, Bridgeport, CT was ordained to the Holy Priesthood throught the laying on of hands by His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas. Following Divine Liturgy, a luncheon in Fr. Daniel's honor was hosted in the church auditorium. The posted photos show scenes from the ordination.
"Command!" Fr. Deacon Daniel Mahler is led to the Altar for Ordination by Protodeacon Gregory Benc
Having been led around the altar three times by the Very Rev. Protopresbyter John Duranko, Pastor Emeritus, Fr. Daniel knelt in front of His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas for ordination.
Fr. Daniel and Pani Joan Mahler With His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas.
"The Grace Divine Fills that Which is Imperfect... and ordains the most pious Deacon Daniel, to the Holy Priesthood..."
His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas with the newly ordained priest.
His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas was greeted by Parish President Margaret Maxwell and Host Pastor, The Very Rev. Fr. David Cochran Prior to the Start of Divine Liturgy.