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Days 10-13 Athens, Greece

Monday May 6 - Thurs May 9, 2002

Description of Posted Photos

On Bright Monday, May 6th, Metropolitan Nicholas, accompanied by Archdeacon Robert Busczak and Deacons Nectarios Trevino and Joseph Edgington, arrived safely in Athens, Greece. During their stay in Athens they travelled to the Island of Aegina to venerate the relics of St. Nectarios. They also visited a Byzantine Art Museum and other points of interest. They returned safely home to America to celebrate the Priestly Anniversaries of Fr. Stephen Dutko and Fr. Peter Buletza on the Weekend of May 11th and 12th.
(May 6) This 12th Century is Dedicated to the Theotokos. It is Located Next to the Main Cathedral in Downtown Athens.The Church is Used For Weddings and Other Special Events.
(May 7th) This is the Church Dedicated to St. Nectarios on the Island of Aegina Where St Nectarios Established a Woman's Convent. His Relics Are Contained in This Magnificent Church.
Metropolitan Nicholas & Deacon Nectarios Standing Before Church at Aegina
Deacon Nectarios Standing Next to St Nectarios' Tomb
Icon in the Ceiling of the Aegina Church Above St Nectarios' Tomb
14th Century Icon of St Michael The Archangel - Photo taken May 9th at the Byzantine Museum in Athens.
No Trip Is Complete Without Some Last Minute Shopping .... His Eminence Patronizes a Church Supply Store in Athens Prior to Departing For America.