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Rev. Fr. Michael Chendorain, Editor
145 Broad Street
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Tel: (732) 826-4442 

The Diocesan Apostolate for Youth, in collaboration with the Diocesan Newspaper The Church Messenger, publishes a bi-monthly youth journal know as Daylight. Distributed as a supplement to the Church Messenger and available on line, Daylight is produced by and for the youth of the diocese, with many of the articles written by the youth themselves as well as feature articles on diocesan and parish events involving youth. Its purpose is to be catechetical in nature and provide our youth with a forum to reflect their positive experiences within the life of the Church.

Feedback from youth and parents with ideas and suggestions for future editions is welcomed. We strongly encourage our diocesan youth to submit articles for publication. Some suggested topics include: service projects they are involved in at school or in the community; activities a Jr. ACRY or youth group is taking part in; a personal experience that has had an impact on their faith; or simply why they love Christ or their faith or Church. We print articles from our youngest children to our college students and beyond.

Please e-mail Fr. Michael Chendorain, the editor,  to submit articles for consideration and offer feedback.



Matins Gospel Reading: John 20:19-23

Epistle Reading: Acts of the Apostles 2:1-11

Gospel Reading: John 7:37-52; 8:12

Holy Pentecost; Agrippina the Martyr of Rome; Holy Martyrs Aristocleus the Priest, Demetrius the Deacon and Athanasius the Reader; The Holy New Archpriest Martyrs Gerasimus of Crete, Neophytos of Knossos, Joachim of Cherronisos, Hierotheos of Lampi, Zachariah of Sitia, Joachim of Petra, Gerasimos of Rethymno, Kallinikos of Kydonia, Melchizedek of Kissamos, Kallinikos of Diopolos, and those Martyred with Them (1821-1822); Mark, Bishop of Ephesus; Etheldreda the Queen

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