Photo Gallery: 21st Diocesan Sobor - Monday July 13, 2009

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Week 2 Group Photo
Cabin 5
Cabin 2
Cabin 3
Cabin 4
Cabin 1
Cabin 6
Cabin B
Cabin 7
Cabin A
Week 2 Seniors with Senior Leaders
Week 2 Seniors
Week 2 Clergy
Cabin 8
Photos of Week 2 Seniors
Older campers enjoy time with each other!
This senior enjoying a wonderful week with friends.
Welcome to CN Jurassic Park!
Campers were told not to feed the Dinosaurs.....hmmmm.
Making some No-Sew Blankets for charity.
Arts and Crafts with the ladies from Cabin A.
Creating bookmarks with this year's theme.
Cabins 6 and B trying out their new chanting skills.
Great Ariel pic of Frisbee!
Father Matthew blesses the waterfall water.
The youngest cabins at the Waterfall for Water Blessing.
Campers can hardly hold in their excitement for Low Ropes.
A strategy is always a big help when completing the Low Ropes Course challenges.
We love Smiles!!
Trust Falls!
This camper is having a great time on the Low Ropes.
Trusting means letting someone else catch you when you fall.
Some of the younger campers enjoying Dance time!
Concentration is key to 9 Square.
He was able to Capture the Flag.
Fr. Stephen and the campers had a blast during Capture the Flag.
The clergy couldn't resist getting in on the action during Capture the Flag.
Learning new dances can be fun!
Serving it up in 9 Square.
Morning Matins with Fr. Michael.
That spiderweb can be tough.
Campers are in balance mode.
You need good communication to have good teamwork.
Helping a friend is what teamwork is all about.
A brief cool down during Frisbee.
Putting some toppings on their Burger Baskets.
Cabin 3
Cabin 5
His Grace, Bishop Gregory sits with a different cabin every meal.
Cabin 2
"His Banner over me is Love!"
These boys really belt it out during Campfire.
"The Song Game" is a new camp favorite at the campfire.
What a great fire!
Some cabin 7 guys during the campfire.
Waldorf and Stadler even made a surprise appearance to heckle during the campfire.
A first look at the High Ropes Course can be a bit scary.
The youngest cabins process down to the Mother of God shrine during Plain Chant
Even some of the smallest campers can be the biggest helpers.
A sigh of relief and victory when you reach the top of the Pamper Pole.
Campers join some clergy to bless the water at the Waterfall.
A beautiful group picture of the hikers.
Very excited to be hiking!
Seminarian Vice discusses the history of the cross.
A quick photo during the hike
One step at a time.